Vividgro Lighting

VividGro® is an AgTech company and spin-off of Lighting Science— LSG is a global leader with over 400 registered patents that designs, manufactures and brings to market advanced, intelligent LED lighting solutions products for consumer and commercial applications.

VividGro was established in 2013 to help meet the needs of the global food economy with advanced indoor agriculture technology. We develop technology-based products that empower growers to create a more efficient growing environment.

VividGro’s advantage stems from LSG’s origin as a company that developed lighting technology for NASA to use at the International Space Station. Findings from our testing at the International Space Station and in Antarctica have led to cutting edge lighting products that can be used across the globe to produce sustainable crops and indoor produce.

VividGro now uses these same scientific approach to reach further into agricultural science and lead a revolution in creating efficient indoor growing facilities. We offer sensing, monitoring, alerting and automating (SMAA) tools for controlled environment agriculture (CEA).

Indoor growing environments are needed to meet the worlds agricultural demands but unless optimized farming and efficient resource allocation can result in more cost effective solutions the farms will fail. At VividGro our hope is to develop technology and bring it to market so it lowers the cost of crop production to the most efficient levels possible.

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