Cannabis trimming tools can help you clean unwanted plant material from your plants. Commercial bud trimmers, buckers, trimming scissors and conveyors can speed up your cannabis trimming process and save on costly labor.

Read below to learn about the top 5 tools and accessories for trimming cannabis:


Wet Cannabis Trimmers

Wet bud trimmers make easy work of wet trimming versus scissors or pruning shears. By trimming your cannabis buds right after harvest you can reduce your risk for developing mold, speed up your trimming process and will ultimately need less space for drying cannabis plants.

Many of today’s best commercial bud trimming machines are capable of trimming both wet and dry buds. Some of our favorite machines for getting a tight wet trim are listed below.

CenturionPro wet trimmer

CenturionPro Gladiator Quantanium (Wet & Dry Trimming)

The Gladiator is currently one of the highest capacity wet trimming machines in the world. This commercial-scale trimmer does heavy throughput of your marijuana plants, without sacrificing quality. This wet trimmer is an incredibly powerful tool for any commercial operation.

Learn more about the CenturionPro Gladiator Wet/Dry Trimmer


small bud trimmer

Twister T6 Bud Trimmer

The Twister T6 Trimmer revolutionizes wet small batch wet trimming. The T6 Trimmer is also capable of dry trimming with speeds oup to 5 lbs/hr for dry bud trimming and up to 18 lbs/hr for wet bud trimming

Learn more about the Twister T6 Bud Trimmer


trimmer and extractor

Resinator XL

The Resinator is the only unit on the list that is capable of both extraction and trimming all-in-one. The XL model from Resinator was just upgraded in 2019, allowing an efficient and capable system for those harvesting for cannabis extract. This all-in-one trimmer and extraction machine will make good use of your sugar leaves and capture the optimal amount of kief and trichomes possible.

Learn more about the Resinator XL


Dry Cannabis Trimmers

Dry cannabis trimming gives you the most control over your final product. Dry cannabis trimming requires an additional step, that you dry your cannabis buds before beginning to trim. The benefits of dry cannabis trimmers include:


  • Higher quality buds post-trim
  • Trimming can be done in stages
  • Buds are protected from mold due to being dried ahead of time
  • Consistent final product
batch one twister trimmer

Twister BatchOne Trimmer

Hailed as a leader in dry trimming for cannabis cultivation, the Twister Batch One Trimmer is uses a batch style workflow. This Batch One Trimmer is designed to be mobile, and will dry trim up to 88 pounds of dry weight per hour.

Learn more about the Twister Batch One Trimmer


wet and dry bud trimmer

Twister T2 Trimmer

The T2 is the number one used trimming system among both wet and dry trimmers. Engineered to meet the volume and regulations of today’s most demanding cannabis and hemp facilities.

Learn more about the Twister T2 Trimmer

Cannabis Bucking Machine

Choosing the right cannabis bucking machine will make quick work of your bud trimming later on, whether you plan to trim weed with scissors, pruning shears or an automated trimmer. Bucking machines remove untrimmed buds from your plants. Cannabis cultivators often miss hidden and hard-to-find buds buried deep in the plant. A quality cannabis bucking machine will help you remove buds quicker, with less stems, saving you time when you begin to trim.

cannabis bucker

CenturionPro HP3 Triple Cannabis Bucker

The CenturionPro HP3 is a high-performance cannabis bucker that makes a great addition to any cannabis pruning toolset. The first triple-headed bucker, the HP3 accepts wet or dry stems up to 3/4 and can buck up to 500 pounds per hour of fully hydrated flower.

Learn more about the HP3 Cannabis Bucker

twister b4 bucker

Twister B4 Cannabis Bucking Machine

Equipped with the industry’s most powerful motor, the Twister B4 Bucking Machine is capable of delivering consistent, safe results, without the need for downtime. The B4 will make your hand trimming or machine trimming process easier later on.

Learn more about the Twister B4 Bucking Machine

Cannabis Trim Conveyors

Conveyors allow your cannabis harvesters to assure the highest quality product in a fraction of the time. As with most cannabis trimming tools on the list, the goal is to save time and improve the value of your product.

With a conveyor, you have a last chance to clean your cannabis plants and look for debris. You will also have the ability to sort out higher and lower quality buds.

You can also set up an assembly line of workers to use trimming scissors as the trimmed plant material exits your trimmer. You can clean your pre-trimmed plant matter once more for the highest quality product shipped to the dispensary.

bud conveyor belt

Twister Cannabis Conveyor

This FDA-Approved cannabis conveyor ensures fully compliant transportation of your plant product. An easy-to-use adjustable speed lets you set your load speed to match optimal pound per hour rates. Comes with adjustable stand so you can setup for maximum worker comfort, eon uneven floors or flat ground.

Learn more about the Twister Cannabis Conveyor

Cannabis Trimming Scissors & Pruning Shears

Cannabis trimming scissors and pruning shears allow for the most precise trim of your plants, but also take the longest to trim. The goal of bud trimming scissors is to get the highest quality product possible. For commercial growers that require high throughput, it is recommended to first use an automated cannabis trimming machine and bucker, then use cannabis trimming scissors after your trimmed product exits the conveyor.


ARS Cultivation Scissors, Carbon Tool Set

ARS Cultivation scissors are the go-to choice for harvesting! The slim blades are made of strong Japanese steel and designed to stay sharp an extra long time! You have a choice between carbon tool steel (the strongest steel available) and stainless steel (rust protection and easy to clean). Commercial volume pricing available if ordered through GroAdvisor today!

Learn more about the ARS Cannabis Scissors Carbon Tool Set

Heavy duty cannabis shears

Hydrofarm Heavy Duty Cannabis Shears

These heavy duty cannabis trimming shears come with surgical stainless steel for cutting tough branches. They are made ultra-light and ergonomic with high quality springs resistant to getting stuck when trimming through large volumes of cannabis. For commercial pricing on cannabis trimming tools contact GroAdvisor.

Learn more about the Hydrofarm Cannabis Trimming Shears