Starting your new facility will always feel like a daunting task. When deciding how to begin, you’ll want to consider the two prevailing methods of construction that growers have found successful: DIY (do it yourself), or turnkey facilities.

Most new business owners see the value in doing it themselves and saving money today, but your savings today could cost you even more tomorrow.

Do it Yourself  

Many growers choose to DIY their facility due to the potential for lower upfront costs. By working your network of suppliers and contractors, you can often avoid paying more for equipment and services that are marked up specifically for cannabis growers (yes, this still happens a lot). Although these price markups can be avoided through discounts offered by advisory firms such as GroAdvisor, many growers still strongly consider the potential of saving hundreds of thousands of dollars upfront by doing it themselves.

That said, there are major downsides to this approach: less reliability, higher risk of crop loss, a longer construction process, and a lot of added stress. Not to mention that lack of expertise with a specific line of equipment can lead to future compatibility issues and difficulties expanding your cultivation model, further driving up costs.

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Turnkey Facilities 

Unlike DIY operations, a turnkey facility will ensure that you start growing more quickly and efficiently. In emerging markets where speed-to-market is everything, indoor-grown cannabis can be sold for $4,000 per pound, yielding millions in revenue each month.

This means that for each month you delay cultivation by doing it yourself, you’ll potentially be missing out on millions of dollars in sales.

Growers who opt for turnkey understand that the somewhat higher startup cost is a wash thanks to the shorter time between launch and revenue, and that fully-integrated systems and quality equipment will provide additional value down the road.

When working with a turnkey facility supplier like GroAdvisor, everything from design, equipment, and build are taken care of, allowing for the quickest speed-to-market, consistent production, long-term support, and higher quality flower that attracts higher price points.

Additionally, by working through GroAdvisor, you’ll be able to fight against cannabis industry markups by accessing our bulk distributor pricing.

Your time can be better spent than sorting through vendor claims. Partnering with an advisory you can trust will save you time, allowing you to produce and realize profits sooner.

Partner to Ensure Success 

Whether you opt for a DIY or turnkey facility, the best thing you can do for your business (and your sanity) is to partner with reputable companies early who can simplify the process and get you the best deals by leveraging substantial buying power on vetted components that your facility will need.

At GroAdvisor, we call this “value-cultivation”, and we can help ensure your business goals are met on time and your facility is well-equipped for success. Whether you’re looking for a turnkey project, or simply for the best commercial equipment prices, contact us. Our advisors will be happy to help.

Let’s get growing.


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