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Commercial Vertical Farming Systems

Our commercial vertical farming systems can be designed custom to your floor plan and crop’s requirements. Choose between various rack styles, grow lights, and climate control options from our cultivation equipment partners.

led grow light over basil

Racks & Benches


Our vertical grow rack systems are designed custom to your facilities’ requirements with fully-adjustable table heights. Heavy duty stainless steel, corrosion resistant and compliant. Installation options available.

vertical growing racks

LED Lighting


Our team of advisors will guide you towards the best commercial LED lighting option for your project. Select from a range of top-tier horticultural lighting manufacturers.

cannabis mep engineers

HVAC & Climate Control


Our advisors will take you through various heating, cooling and climate control options for your facility. Select the best option for your environment and crop type.

hvac over cannabis

Access Low Wholesale Prices for Commercial Cultivation Equipment

Our team of trusted advisors will consult with you on your next project free of charge. We’ll then identify your needs and help with everything from banking to design to technology procurement for your business.

Speak with an Advisor Today to Get Started 

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Our Partners are leaders in cultivation