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Greenhouse Benches and Grow Racks

Improve space utilization with our greenhouse benches and grow racks.
Pipp Horticulture 2 Level Grow Racks

Maximize Production Efficiency with Grow Racks and Greenhouse Benches

Our growing racks and benches are designed to be highly efficient and durable for greenhouse and indoor farming needs. Our racks are integrated with other cultivation systems and controls, and are fully adjustable to be as adaptive as your farming style.

Pipp Horticulture Grow Racks and ELEVATE Platform System
Achieve Higher Yields per Square Foot
In a heavy regulated and resource intensive environment, it often makes sense to grow vertical to maximize your yield per square foot. Our vertical grow rack systems are designed custom to your facilities’ requirements with fully-adjustable table heights.
Customize to Your Needs
Our racks and benches are manufactured custom to your requirements. Our solutions are available in a large range of sizes, as fixed, rolling, multi-tier, and ebb and flow configurations.
Save on Labor and Resources
Ebb and flow styled greenhouse benches have been used in commercial horticulture for over 90 years. These efficient greenhouse benches save time versus traditional watering methods, add a high level of consistency, and save on water and fertilizers.

Upgrade to Mobile Vertical Grow Racks

Our mobile vertical grow racks maximize space utilization and can help you grow up to 4x more. Most commonly used for indoor cultivation where light use and yield per square foot are top of mind.

Adjustable Cannabis Drying Racks

Simplify your cannabis drying process by easily organizing your harvested flower on our cannabis drying racks. 

Have a GroAdvisor Install Your System
Our team of on-site commissioning pros will come to your facility to install your system, giving you and your staff piece of mind that the job gets done right.


Improve Efficiency

With ebb & flow or drip-to-drain irrigation

Conserve Resources

Save space, water, fertilizer and on labor

Save Space

With vertical and rolling systems

Commercial & Retail

Designed for cultivation & retail

Customizable Options

Made to order based on your needs

Installation Services

By a team of commissioning pros

Pipp Horticulture


Mobile Vertical Grow Racks

Pipp Horticulture’s Cannabis Vertical Grow Racks are your best choice for indoor cannabis vertical grow systems. Uprights are pre-welded for fast assembly and strength. Beams incorporate a unique tapered finger design attachment that locks beams safely onto uprights. Use with Pipp Horticulture Mobile Carriages to create movable vertical grow space. Supports a wide variety of growing trays, cannabis drying racks and curing racks, accessories for LED lights and other utilities.
Product Features
Uprights are pre-welded for fast assembly and strength.

Beams incorporate a unique tapered finger design attachment that locks beams safely onto uprights.

  • Beams can support 2,150 lbs.
  • Uprights can support up to 17,000 lbs.
  • Racks available up to 23′ high. (Racks higher than 23′ require engineering approval)
  • Constructed from high strength steel.
  • White powder coat is UV-stable, and contains anti-microbial and fungal-resistant additives
  • Supports a wide variety of growing trays, dry and cur racks, accessories for LED lights and other utilities.

Available as stationary,  mobile carriages, and multi-tier benches.


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Pipp Horticulture


Greenhaus Grow Trays

Greenhaus patent-pending grow trays provide connection points for lights, air circulation, and plumbing. And they drain effortlessly with HDPE (high-density polyethylene) inserts that are fungal-resistant and anti-microbial. There are both Ebb & Flow as well as Drip-To-Drain Trays available.
Product Features

ABS Combination Grow Trays

  • Thermoformed with a co-extruded acrylic cap to provide UV-stability, anti-microbial and fungal-resistant properties.
  • Optional HDPE Inserts are fungal-resistant and anti-microbial.
  • Available in 8’x4’, 8’x3’, 4’x4’, and 4’x3’.
  • *U.S. Patent No. D906,876 S and U.S. Patent No.11,116,148. Additional U.S. patent pending.

Combination Trays

  • Trays can be used for drip-to-drain or ebb & flow.
  • 11ga aluminum with white powder finish
  • Built in trough for easy drainage
  • Capable of flooding to a depth of 4” maximum (without inserts).
  • U.S. Design Patent No. D906,876.

Drip-To-Drain Trays

  • Tray is designed for use in a drip-to-drain irrigation style.
  • Optional HDPE Inserts are fungal-resistant and anti-microbial.
  • Inserts easily slide out for access to rear plants and cleaning.
  • U.S. Design Patent No. D925,392.

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Pipp Horticulture


ELEVATE™️ Platform System

The ELEVATE™ Platform System is a robust, lightweight, and portable deck that allows cultivators to access the upper levels of PIPP’s Multi-Tier Mobile Grow Racks quickly, efficiently, and most importantly – safely. 

Product Features
  • Quick and simple setup means more time spent caring for plants and less time preparing your workspace.
  • Lightweight components allow one person to set up the entire system. No component weighs more than 15 lbs.
  • Aluminum and galvanized steel components give great corrosion resistance.
  • Deck sections are 22” by 49” to allow use in any layout.
  • 22” wide walkway gives ergonomic access to canopy without giving up overall canopy throughout room.
  • Multiple people can access and work on the platform at once.
  • Galvanized steel support rails rated at 500 lbs per pair (tested to 4X capacity per OSHA requirements).
  • Support rails are adjustable on 2” increments to give full flexibility in selecting platform heights and create the most ergonomic working area.
  • Rails have integrated anti-dislodge protection features to keep beams secure while in use.
  • Ladders available to accommodate deck heights between 30” and 100” A.F.F.
  • If the mobile aisle is 46” or larger, two separate working rows of the patent-pending Elevate™ Platform System can be used simultaneously.

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Pipp Horticulture


Dry/Cure Room Mobile Storage

By introducing equipment such as PIPP’s drying carts or racks, operators can decrease their labor costs while increasing product quality, all without the use of bins or totes.

Product Features



  • 14 gauge steel Rivet Style Shelving which is adjustable on 1-1/2″ increments
  • Rack configuration is fully customizable. Typical rack configuration is 24″ wide x 16′ high with 3 dry levels.

Hang Options:

  • Round Hang Bars: Hang full plants on our hang bar with simple hook attachment for faster trimming.
  • Grid Hang: Hang plants from any position directly on 4″x4″ wire grid spacing allowing for greater air circulation with built in Flue Space.
  • Finger Bars: Easily hang plants from adjustable cantilever prongs without hooks or wires. The hang attachment comes standard with 12 rods which easily adjust along the support bracket. 



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