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The Grow Room Setup and Design Professionals

Build your commercial grow room with a team of trusted controlled environment agriculture professionals. Streamline your design-build process, value-engineer your facility, and increase your speed to market with bountiful harvests.

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Seize The Day With Bountiful Harvests.

Plan For Tomorrow With Designs That Scale.


Piecing together your facility takes massive coordination, time, and resources. Why contact manufacturers just to be given a sales pitch? Instead, work with a team of grow room experts for custom-built designs, equipment packages and implementation.

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Speak with a GroAdvisor for Custom Commercial Pricing

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Access the best prices on commercial equipment

Get started with an effective growing system

Get help from an experienced team

Balance your capex and opex for maximum value

Scale with ease by choosing modular builds

All equipment comes with wholesale pricing

We Work With Grow Designs of Any Size



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