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Commercial Greenhouses

Designed and constructed to meet your cultivation requirements

inside commercial greenhouse

Pushing the Bounds of Greenhouse Construction.

Commercial greenhouse growing is one of the fastest expanding methods of commercial cultivation. Growers are pushing the bounds of greenhouse yields and quality with fully integrated systems. Our GroAdvisors will work with your team to select the best greenhouse components at the best price for your geography and growth goals across our range of greenhouse industry partners.

commercial greenhouse

Optimize for Year-Round Production

Grow year-round in any climate with a range of standard and customizable greenhouse solutions for any crop type or business.

Grow Big or Phase Your Project

Don’t limit your scalability with a static solution. Our greenhouse structures are designed for commercial cultivation with large bays and tall canopies, and are compatible with add-ons for future expansion.

Designed for Rapid Construction

Our construction requires little site preparation with sleek designs that go up quickly. With our preferred models you can begin cultivation within weeks, getting your product to market faster.

Fully Integrate Your Greenhouse Systems

Create a highly efficient cultivation with integrated grow systems, lighting, heating, cooling, light deprivation and other components.


Renewable Energy

Multiple options available.

Custom Options for Any Need

Poly, glass and membranes for gutter and gothic styles

Wide Clear Spans

With high snow and wind load capacity

Modular Solutions

Shipping container construction available

Thermal Performance

Fiberglass beam structures available


For professional alternatives to hoop houses

Gutter Connect Greenhouses

  • A commercial greenhouse solution for any crop.
  • Prioritize height and versatility
  • Up to 14 ft. height of trusses
  • For greenhouses over 5,000 square feet or more
  • From one to multiple greenhouse bays
gutter greenhouse
Product Features

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Ground-to-Ground Greenhouses

  • Designed for soil farmers who want controlled hardening-off space
  • Gothic-style roof
  • Single-bay
  • Customizable dimensions
Product Features

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Head House & Utility

  • Designed for additional space required outside of cultivation
  • Integrated with Gutter connect or Modular greenhouses or built standalone
  • Thermal roofing systems
  • Opportunity to incorporate PV array coverage for your grow
modular greenhouse
Product Features

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Modular Greenhouses

  • Limited site preparation required
  • Secure and built in processing and utility space using shipping container construction
  • 12 foot truss height typical
  • For greenhouses over 1,600 square feet and up, shipping may vary
  • From one to multiple greenhouse bays
modular greenhouse
Product Features

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“Working with GroAdvisor was a no brainer! We’re yielding more returns with less space and improved ergonomics. The Dharma team was able to fast-track our expansion with double the growing area and improved working conditions using an outstanding grow room design and equipment that’s energy efficient and evenly distributes CO2 over the canopy."

Shanna C. Berry

Founder & CEO, Dharma Pharmaceuticals

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