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Fertigation Systems

Automate your mixing fertilizers, correct pH and irrigate crops

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Powerful Controls. Custom Capabilities. 

Innovation in Fertigation Systems for 10+ Years. 


Save water, nutrients, and labor with automated fertigation and dosing systems for greenhouse and indoor farming professionals. Surpass the competition with better quality crops that are more resilient to plant disease.

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Built Tough, Reliable and Compliant

Sensors and pumps are employed to accurately control your system. Built with FDA compliant tubing for precision chemical delivery.

Automate Your Feeding Programs

Our programmable fertigation systems allow for setpoint targets to mix and deliver nutrient batches up to 14 zones through 1 central mixing tank. Schedule your nutrient delivery, correct for pH and receive email alerts.

Maximize Your Crops’ Full Potential

Deliver the right amount of nutrients to your crop to maximize absorption, improve plant quality, reduce resource use and prevent soil-borne disease.


Manufactured in USA

Quality manufacturing & engineering

Batch Mixing

Superior to in-line mixing

Greenhouse & Indoor

Suitable for all CEA applications

Sensor Available

For hydroponics, climate, and optical liquid


Powerful & flexible capabilities


For the highest business impact



BDX BatchMatic™ Fertigation System

BDX BatchMatic™ Fertigation Systems are batch-type nutrient mixing systems for multi-zone greenhouse irrigation and hydroponics facilities. Automatically mix recipes and correct pH according to your schedule, then send the batches to the programmed zones. Use the system to directly feed up to 14 zones of plants or send recipes to holding tanks.

BDX fertigation system
Product Features

Available with either 5, 10 or 12 chemical pumps. Each pump can be configured for EC nutrient dosing, pH up, pH down, or ORP as required. Precision sensors and rugged pumps offer reliable and accurate control. Built with FDA compliant tubing, the dosing pumps inject chemicals quickly and precisely.

The controller’s large built-in color touch screen display provides an easy to use interface for monitoring the sensor readings and configuring the dosing settings. Display includes features such as:

  • Current batch status, recipe, stage, etc.
  • Pause, continue, skip & run-now features for manual control
  • Sensor / system monitoring & display
  • Schedule event configuration
  • Recipe editing and creation
  • Alarm settings and configuration
  • Email account & recipient settings
  • Guided sensor calibration screens
  • Manual pump priming and system diagnostics
  • User accounts & login screen

These pre-assembled panels come ready to dose! Just mount, plug in power and plumb the water connections! Customer must supply a mixing tank between 55 – 350 gallon capacity and install the level sensors in the tank.

Built on over a decade of proven technology and components with new, enhanced capabilities to meet the growing demand for highly reliable autonomous dosing applications. Designed to meet the needs of typical multi-room indoor growing facilities and mid-sized greenhouses without being over priced or over-complicated.

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Automatic pH Dosers

These mini dosing systems automate your flow in a re-circulating hydroponics system or nutrient stock tank. Automatically add nutrients, pH buffers, and other chemicals when sensor changes are detected.

GDX ph doser
Product Features

They are available as controller-pumps or pre-fabricated “panel mount” assemblies.

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Optical Liquid Level Sensors & Controls

Sensors and controls available for level sensing, leak sensing, filling & draining, and level control.

hydroponic sensor
Product Features
  • Industrial 5-24Vdc / 1Amp
  • Easy to set up
  • Smart features with status LED
  • Manufactured in the USA

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GrowNETTM Digital Communication

Connect your sensors, relays and dosing pumps to your computer with a USB connection.

hydroponic control system
Product Features

The system hubs can support multiple sensors, pumps or relays to a single link module.

  • USB connected
  • 4-20mA
  • Manufactured in the USA

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“Working with GroAdvisor was a no brainer! We’re yielding more returns with less space and improved ergonomics. The Dharma team was able to fast-track our expansion with double the growing area and improved working conditions using an outstanding grow room design and equipment that’s energy efficient and evenly distributes CO2 over the canopy."

Shanna C. Berry

Founder & CEO, Dharma Pharmaceuticals

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