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Cannabis Extraction Equipment

Redefining the industry standard for cannabis extraction equipment.

cannabis extraction machine

Maximum Efficiency. Unsurpassed Speed. Optimal Sanitation.


Our extraction systems are improving the extraction process to realize maximum efficiency, unsurpassed speed, and optimal sanitation when building your next extraction facility.

Cannabis Extraction Equipment

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Class 1 Division 1 compliant

Assembled in the United States of America

100% butane, 100% propane or other blends

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Cannabis Extraction Equipment

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MHO & PHO Cannabis Extraction Equipment

Featuring a powerful GOLIATH™ 2-Stage recovery pump, 350psi pressure-rated in-line sight glass, flexible braided stainless steel / Teflon lines with ISO7241 dry-break quick connects, in-line jacketed dewax, 5 micron butane filtration to keep any contaminants out of the pumps, and a versatile column system that allows for fast and easy cleaning, MINIFECTA™ is engineered to take your extractions to the next level.

cannabis aeroponics system
Product Features

*Estimates based off 12% yield processing trim and retail $25/g. 

Material Processed (lbs) Final Weight (g) Gross Revenue
10 453 $11,325
25 1132.5 $28,313
50 2265 $56,625
100 4530 $113,250
250 11325 $283,125
500 22650 $566,250

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Extended Collection & Dewax

Each Minifecta or Trifecta system has your choice of Dewaxing Column or Extended Collection Vessels. In addition some of our connoisseur packages include both; giving the operator the option the ability to swap as necessary.

aeroponics for cloning system
Product Features


Dewaxing Columns are used in conjunction with a circulating chiller (sold separately) to super cool the extraction/solution mixture. This helps the fats and lipids to solidify and coagulate falling from suspension. These fats and waxes are then filtered via filtration paper located at the base of this column.

These are used to dewax the product during the extraction process. This produces a more pure product initially. Dewaxing is recommended for high end finished product from the extraction system that is not subject to post processing (distillation).


The Extended Collection Vessels allow for more solvent to be run during the extraction process. In addition significantly more heated (jacketed) surface are allows for a significant reduction in recovery times. Extended Collection is ideal for extractions subject to post processing (distillation), operations with higher volume processing, or systems with sufficient injection cooling.


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Turnkey Systems

The Minifecta Base System is the minimal bare bones system, with only the basics needed to run.

This system uses a DOT pressure vessel which can be submerged in an ice bath during the recovery process. Because of this, no circulating chiller is needed for standard operation (chiller will be needed for opt. dewax process).

This system is available with dewaxing (requires circulating chiller) or with extended collection vessel for faster recovery. This system is also available with flat plate or fully jacketed hemispherical collection base.

aeroponics racks
Product Features


Capacity 15L
Pressure Vessel Cert DOT
Pressure Vessel Capacity 20lbs
Pressure Vessel Jacketing No
Sizable Materials Column Yes
Dewaxing Option Available Yes
Extended Collection Available Yes
Integrated CRC Filter Ready Yes
Recovery Pumps Single Goliath
Circulating Heater H100
Circulating Chiller None
Air Compressor DMC-10HP
Additional Options None

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Ancillary Cannabis Extraction Equipment

Level-up your extraction with our range of circulating heaters/chillers, air compressors and vacuum ovens.

ancillary cannabis extraction equipment
Product Features



 Temperature range  Ambient to 100°C (No load)
 Electrical requirements
 110V 60Hz 1-Phase 1,050 watts
 Heating capacity  1,000 watts
 Recirculating pump  Pumping speed: 20 liters per minute, adjustable
 Maximum head: 16 feet or 5 meters
 Dimensions: 9.5 x 12 x 7.5″ (WxDxH)
 Material: Type 304 stainless steel
 Capacity: 15 liters or 4 gallons
 Chilling fluid connection: 3/8″ hose barb x 2
 Chilling fluid drain port: 3/8″ hose barb with on/off valve
 Temperature controller  Type: Digital microprocessor PID controlled
 Display: 7″ touch screen
 Display unit: Celsius °C
 Temperature step: 0.1°C
 Temperature accuracy: +/- 2°C
 Temperature range: Ambient to 100°C
 Unit/shipping weight  30 Lbs / 36 Lbs
 Warranty  One year
UL Listing  Available (+$200)


Power Rating 10HP (7.5kW)
Price $4,999.99
Power Requirements 208/220V 3-Phase (20A)
208/220V 1-Phase w/VFD Drive (Optional +$500)
VFD Optional (+$500)
Rated Airflow 40cfm@115psi
Equipment Supported Min Req for single Goliath pumps (Minifecta).

 Electrical requirements
 110V +/-10% 60Hz 1-PH 13.6A, 1,500 watts
 220V +/-10% 50/60Hz 1-PH 6.8A, 1,500 watts
 Size: 16.5 x 14.5 x 14″
 Material: Stainless steel
 Capacity: 1.9 cubic foot
 Heater  5-sided heating (left 350W, right 350W, top 220W, bottom 480W, back 100W)
 Temperature control  Controller: 3rd gen low proportional gain, microcomputer PID controlled with LCD display
 Range: ambient to 480°F
 Display units: Fahrenheit or Celsius
 Uniformity: +/- 5% of setpoint
 Dwelling timer range: 1 to 9999 minutes
 Warm-up time to 100°F: 45 minutes
 Ultimate vacuum level: better than 500 microns/millitorrs
may vary based on your altitude, click here to learn more)
 Mechanical gauge range: 0 to 30 inch mercury
 Vacuum port: KF25 flange x 1
 Vent port: 3/8″ hose barb
 Vacuum pump: Sold separately
 Weight  Unit: 140 Lbs, shipping: 240 Lbs
 Dimensions (WxDxH)  Unit: 28 x 20 x 21.75″  With handle and vacuum port: 28 x 23 x 21.75″
 Shipping: 32 x 28 x 29″
 Included with oven purchase: 5 aluminum slide-in shelves
 Size: 16 x 14.25 inches
 Total area: 228 x 10 = 16 sq ft or 2,280 inch2
 Distance between shelves: one inch
*Optional 10 Shelf Unit (+$395)
 Warranty  2 years
 UL Listing   YES – UL/CSA (E482564), CE
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