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Aeroponic Systems

Aeroponics delivers 40% faster growth year-round

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Supercharge Plant Growth at the Root with High Oxygen Impact Grow Systems.


Oxygen and moisture are key to the process of nutrient absorption in the cycle of photosynthesis. Aeroponics supercharges plant growth with a surplus of oxygen at the root surface.  When this is combined with sensor technology and dynamic nutrient recipe dosing, plant growth is superior.

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Speed Up Your Growing Time

Our highly efficient aeroponics systems speed up your plant growth time by about 40%, and more turns means more revenue!

Maximize Your Space for Bloom

With systems designed to maximize workspace and workflow, your cannabis cultivation plant will be churning yield day-after-day.

High Degree of Control

Gain the precise level of control desired for your strains to increase potency and biochemical development.


Flowering Aeroponic Systems

Churn through high yields quickly

Grow Management Software

Log and manage all ofyour dosing, irrigation, and management of your grow

Vegetative Aeroponic Systems

Just plug in water and power, and you’re in production.

40% Faster Turns

Move at the speed of aeroponics for maximum efficiency

Cloning Aeroponic Systems

4-layer vertical stacked platform for maximum efficiency

Secure Remote Access

Keeping your cloud data storage safe


AEtrium 4 for Blooming

The AEtrium-4 is our flowering/bloom aeroponics system that can accommodate 20 plants per tub.

AEtrium-4 Aeroponic Flowering System
Product Features

AEtrium-4 Aeroponic System Details

Dimensions (single tub)

  Width Length Height
Outside Dimensions 3 ft. 7.5 in. (1.105m) 4 ft. 9 in. (1.448m)

3 ft. (0.9m)

Growth Trays 3 ft. 6 in. (1.080m) 4 ft. 6.5 in. (1.386m) 1 ft. (0.3m)
Light Gantries 3 ft. 7.5 in. (1.105m) 4 ft. 9 in. (1.448m) 8 ft. (2.438m)
Square feet/meters 17.2 sqft (1.6 sqm)  


AEtrium-4 Aeroponic Growing System Plant Tray Counts

Tub Quantity 1 10 100
Grow Slots 1-20 200 2000


Automatic Nutrient Dosing Unit (ADU) Controls

 SmartFarm Range Resolution
pH 0-14 0.01 pH
TDS/EC 10 µS/cm – 30mS/cm 15 second samples 
Water Temp 32 – 122°F (0-50°C) 1oF (0.1oC)
Reservoir 50 gallons
Liquid Nutrient Dosing 3 available 4-liter bottles (pH up/down, H2SO2)
Liquid Nutrient Dosing 4 available 20-liter bottles
Irrigation Timing 1 minute to 2 hours ON to 1 minute to 2 hours OFF
Water Level Automatic Water Leveling & Auto Flush


AEtrium-4 Aeroponic Matriarch Electrical Specifications

  Typical Peak (Max Inrush Start-Up)
ADU (Dosing Pump) 560W 800W
Peristaltics & Sensors 140W 300W
Line Power 110-220 VAC/50-60hz, 1,100 Watts
Optional Water Chiller 110-220 VAC/50-60hz, 1,500 Watts


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AEtrium 2.1 for Cloning and Veg

The AessenseGrows AEtrium-2.1 SmartFarm delivers fast, safe, reliable aeroponic clones in volume. This stacked 4-layer aeroponics system was created with modularity and commercial cultivation in mind

AEtrium-2.1 Aeroponic SmartFarm for Cloning & Veg
Product Features

AEtrium-2.1 Aeroponic SmartFarm – 24, 48, & 72-Tray Versions

Outer Dimensions

  24 Tray 48 Tray 72 Tray
Width 5′ 4″ (1622 mm) 5′ 4″ (1622 mm) 5′ 4″ (1622 mm)
Length 9′ 11″ (3012 mm) 16′ 6″ (5017 mm) 23′ 1″ (7022 mm)
Height 8′ 4″ (2539 mm) 8′ 4″ (2539 mm) 8′ 4″ (2539 mm)
Area 53 sqft (4.9 ㎡) 88 sqft (8.2 ㎡) 123 sqft (11.4 ㎡)
Dry Weight 1720 lbs (780Kg) 2867 lbs (1300Kg) 4013 lbs (1820Kg)
ADU Weight 574 lbs. (260 Kg) Dry Weight


Growth Tray Dimensions

  24 Tray 48 Tray 72 Tray
Width 22″ (559 mm)
Length 27″ (686 mm)
Holes/Tray 63
Hole Spacing 3″ hole center to hole center, 1″ hole edge to edge


Automatic Nutrient Dosing Unit Controls

 SmartFarm Range Resolution
pH 0-14 0.01
TDS/EC 10 µS/cm – 30 mS/cm  
Water Temp 32-122 °F (0-50°C) 1°F (0.1°C)
Reservoir 80 gallons (363.7 l)
Liquid Nutrient Dosing 7 available four-liter bottles
Irrigation Timing 1 minute ON, 3-15 minutes OFF
Water Level Automatic Water Leveling & Auto Flush
Water Flow Rate 15.8 gal/min. (60 lit/min.)


Electrical Specifications

SmartFarm 24 Tray 48 Tray 72 Tray
ADU (Dosing Pump) 100-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz, 1,700 W
ADU (Typ. Power) 1,400-1,800 W (24-48)
Drain (Return Pump) 120 VAC / 60 Hz or 230 VAC / 50 Hz, 750 W
Drain (Typ. Power) 500-700 W
SPDU (Sectional Power Unit) 100-305 VAC / 50-60 Hz, 1,250 W
SPDU/System 2 4 6
SPDU (Typ. Power) 2,520 W 5,040 W 7,560 W
Optional Water Chiller 120 VAC / 60 Hz or 230 VAC / 50 Hz
Chiller (Typ. Power) 600 W 1,200 W


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Ætrium Double Deck

Two-Layer Aeroponics Rack System – Delivers High Yield Craft Grade Flower at 2 LBs/ft2

AEtrium-4 Double Deck Aeroponic System (image provided by AessenseGrows)
Product Features

Double Deck AEtrium-4 Commercial Aeroponics Growing System Details

Double Deck Aeroponics Tray Dimensions (single tray)

  Width Length
Growth Tray (outer dimensions) 4 ft. 8 in. (1.420m) 3 ft. 7 in. (1.090m)
Growth Tray (inner dimensions) 4 ft. 3 in. (1.300m) 3 ft. 2 in. (0.970m)
Plant Grow Height 4 ft. (1.2m)
Square feet/meters per tray 16.7 sqft (1.55 sqm)


AEtrium-4 Double Deck Aeroponics Plant Tray Counts

Tub Quantity 16 20 24
Grow Slots 320 400 480


Double Deck Automatic Nutrient Dosing Unit (ADU) Controls

 AEtrium-4 Double Deck Range Resolution
pH 0-14 0.01 pH
TDS/EC 10 µS/cm – 30mS/cm 15 second samples 
Water Temp 34 – 104°F (1-40°C) 1oF (0.1oC)
Reservoir 80 gallons
Liquid Nutrient Dosing 7 available 4-liter bottles (pH up/down, H2SO2)
Liquid Nutrient Dosing 4 available 20-liter bottles
Irrigation Timing 1 minute to 2 hours ON to 1 minute to 2 hours OFF
Water Level Automatic Water Leveling & Auto Flush


Double Deck AEtrium-4 Matriarch Electrical Specifications

  Typical Power
ADU (Pumps) 1400W
ADU (Input Voltage) 100V-240V/50-60Hz
ADU (Return Pump) 500W
Optional Water Chiller 110-220 VAC/50-60hz, 1,500 Watts
UL/CSA Certification Reference E491725


AEtrium-4 Double Deck AErix LED Bar Light Specifications

Input Voltage 100V-240V/50-60Hz
Power Draw 680W-730W Max
Power Factor 0.95
Dimming 0%-100%
PPF 1,550 μmol/s
Avg. Grouped PPFD @12 in. 1130 μmol/s/m2
Ingress/UL 1598 IP65 Damp
ETL Certification

UL 1598, UL 8750, UL 8800

CSA C22.2 No. 250.0-08

CSA C22.2 No. 250.13-14

IEC 62471

Warranty 5-Year Standard

For more detailed information, please see the datasheet.

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Guardian Grow Manager Central Control Software

Fully automated intelligence guarantees nutrients, irrigation, lighting, and environments are dialed-in for maximum growth. The Guardian constantly senses, doses, tracks, and analyzes your entire grow operation to your specifications.

image provided by AEssenseGrows
Product Features

Automation & Control Puts You In Charge

Precise Nutrient Recipes Follow Your Directions

Software automation keeps you operating at the peak level of performance 24/7.  Sensor controlled dynamic dosing maintains your grow recipe at precise levels without intervention reducing the labor required in the growing process.

AEtrium System aeroponic hydroponic technology delivers 40% more yield when compared with plants grown in soil.  The Guardian Grow Manager software automation guarantees your results.

Grow Plan© Library Supports You

Personalized To Every Vegetable, Lettuce, Strain, or Variety

There is no limit to your creativity in satisfying your plants.  You can architect your grow recipes to precisely meet the nutrient requirements of your selected variety or you can use any of the recipes in the AEssenseGrows Fresh Produce Catalog.  This gives you both the ability to test and develop new growth cycles while at the same time protecting your intellectual property as you learn what produces the best and most delicious results. 

Easy Nutrient & Grow Recipe Customization

All Grow Parameters Are At Your Fingertips

You can inquire, see, and change the nutrient dosing for any AEtrium growth environment from anywhere with secure access to your growth facility.  Change light cycles and intensity, pH levels, water temperature, pump health, total disolved solids or electrical conductivity, carbon dioxide levels, and nutrient status with an easy intuitive interface.  

Growth Performance, Sensor Logging, & Backup

Review Previous Grow Performance At Any Time

Status, usage, & results for every irrigation and nutrient cycle (fertigation) are charted over time with easy zoom-in/zoom-out with data range and time sequence adjustments enabling detailed analysis of production operations and growth performance.

Notifications of pending requirements like calibration, cleaning, and likely nutrient refill schedules make planning easy.  Data logging enhances your ability to tune your growth plans to optimize for your harvest strategy.  

Your Personal Interactive Site Map Opens Visibility

Visualize Or Watch Your Grow Rooms With The Guardian

Create or upload a virtual layout for your physical location and the AEtrium growth bays for your site.  This eases planning, assignment of tasks, monitoring efficiency, and reduces maintenance time.  This visibility is very useful when grow environments are very large or individual grow space or rooms are oddly shaped or remotely located.

Remote Access & System Notifications Protect You

Easy Personalized Alerts & Data Logging

You can set your alerts to any urgency level.  Specific threshholds, notification accounts, status updates and different targets by event type, pending actions, To-do lists, and alarms, are all integrated as part of operational monitoring plan.

The notification functions can be used as a log of events or they can be filtered to notify specific individuals per each type of alert generated by the system.

Each installation has the option to set notification threshholds and timing to meet individual preferences.  Important issues can be closely monitored and common activities only logged to backup storage for certifications or later reporting.

Remote Control From Anywhere

Free Yourself From The Grow Facility

Guardian™ Grow Manager software gives you direct access to any machine in your AEtrium installation from your phone or desktop based on your secure access from anywhere in the world.  The Grow Manager monitors and logs access control and activity for all users.

No need to physicaly go in and look for status, no need to manually change the dosing. Just a few clicks and you have peace of mind that Guardian automation has your operations running smoothly.  Review your active machines and performance, control them, and relax.

The Guardian takes care of you so you don’t have to.  Please request a demo so we can show you what it can do! 

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Ætrium Automated Dosing Unit (ADU)

The fully automated AEtrium Dosing Unit (ADU) is a fully integrated nutrient measurement, dispensing, pH monitoring and nutrient adjustment system for either indoor or greenhouse applications.

image provided by AEssenseGrows
Product Features

The Automated Dosing Unit can automatically dose from any of 11 available liquid nutrient sources. Typically 2 of these are reserved for pH management (up/down) but the assignment is fully optional for all 11 fertilizer inputs. This fertilizer and irrigation system is optionally referred to as a “fertigation” system.

Each of the standard irrigation pumps offer a maximum flow rate of 15.8 gallons/minute (60 lpm) x2 from the integrated reservoir. Temperature, pH, and Electrical Conductivity (EC) are measured constantly and reported to the ADU on board computer for analysis by the Guardian Grow Manager (GGM). This makes the AEtrium ADU ideal for any sprinkler, dripper, poly pipe, or flood and drain hydroponic system for greenhouse or indoor applications.

In addition to fertigation, the GGM software can be extended with the use of smart relays to control the complete grow environment from nutrients to air, CO2 management, humidity, temperature, fans, vents, lighting control and timing, and input water and treatment recovery systems.

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Our aeroponics systems and software are provided through a partnership or resale agreement with AEssenseGrows with the name linked to the AEssenseGrows product catalog page here: https://www.aessensegrows.com/en/cultivation.

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