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VXP Irrigation Valve Panel

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Irrigation Valve Panel

Eight Electric Water Valves

Durable PVC Construction

150 PSI Max

1 Yr Warranty

Made in USA
Eight-valve irrigation panel for BDX Fertigation Systems. Each BDX system can accept one VXP8 valve panel to expand the system to up to 14 zones. Up to three valves may be operated simultaneously.

Intelligent design with self-cleaning ports for resistance to sediment, and fail-safe mechanism preventing failure in the open position reducing the risk of accidental flooding.. Zero stress diaphragm design to prevent stretching, a common failure mode. Molded shock-cone for anti-water hammer. Manual bleed/open lever. High strength glass-filled nylon body with stainless steel hardware.

Ball Valve Option
Standard diaphragm valves are reliable and economical, but require some pressure differential to close properly. In systems with low restriction, ball valves can provide more positive closure to prevent small amounts of ‘leakage’ through the diaphram valves as they pressurize from the system pump. Ball valves also prevent any backflow through the valve when they are closed which is possible with diaphragm type valves.

1″ NPT female threading
For Cold Water
Fail-Safe Design
0.25 – 35 gpm
4 – 150 psi
15Vdc / 24Vac
Made in USA
Data Sheet
BDX Fertigation System
MODBUS RS-422/485
Greenhouses & Growing Facilities
Industrial Automation
OEM & Custom Applications


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