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Twister T-Zero Pro Bud Trimmer

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The T-ZERO PRO trims an industry-leading proven up to 600 lbs wet / up to 125 lbs dry* allowing you to move through your harvest quickly while capturing all your revenue from trimmed flower to high-quality trim.

– Wet; up to 600 lbs/hr (275 kg/hr) / Dry; up to 125 lbs/hr (57 kg/hr)

• Throughput per hour: 275 kg/600 lbs wet or 70 kg/150 lbs dry
• 5000 CFM trim collection
• Variable speed control and angle adjustments
• Lean workflow using single piece flow
• Water mist system for high throughput and cleanability
• Programmable set points and data collection
• 2-Stage HEPA air filtration removes 99.97% of all
airborne contaminants
• Self-cleaning air filters
• Monitored safety systems with LED illumination
• Optional SCADA integration
• Simple internet connectivity for remote diagnostic


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