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SXM-1 Soil Moisture (VWC) Sensor

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VWC Soil Moisture | Digital Sensor | Low cost

Industrial Grade

Rugged Water-Proof Enclosure & Probe

Made in USA

SXM-1 Electronic volumetric water content (VWC) moisture sensor for soil and other growing media. SXM sensors allow GrowControl™ GCX systems to monitor and log VWC levels and dry-down times, as well as manage irrigation based on VWC set points.

Water-proof probe inserts into media up to 4″ deep or can be fully buried. DXI8 input modules connect the probe to the GCX control systems. Each DXI8 module can support up to eight (8) SXM-1 moisture probes.

>DXI8 Modules

Advanced high frequency electronic design is immune to effects from salinity and material composition. Probe is water proof and constructed of non-corrosive materials. Cable length: 15ft.


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