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Quantum T5 4′, 8 Bulb 277V

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Quantum T5 fluorescent fixtures use high efficiency, active electronic ballasts to power the high output, 54 watt, 4 foot T5 lamps. The Quantum T5 features a shallow profile, very low heat, wider bulb spread, and high quality German glass coated aluminum reflectors.

Engineered with broader angles, these reflectors allow more light from the backside of the bulb to make it to the plants, and penetrate deeper into the canopy without being obstructed by the bulb itself! This ‘House of Mirrors’ effect lets you place the Quantum T5 closer to the tops of the plants, delivering 28% more lumens and still achieving a wider coverage area. The large area of light dispersal coupled with the intense light is what makes Quantum’s T5 optimal for your garden’s growth.

Assembly required—see instructions

Wider reflector angles

28% more lumens at plant level
60% on average lower shipping cost
30% more efficient than comparable models
Increases the efficiency of any T5/HO 54W lamps
High quality German glass coated aluminum reflectors
Patented folding design for easy storage and transportation
Designed for Quantum T5 lamps, but will light any manufacturer’s lamps
8′ 277V twist-lock L7-15P hard wired cord
Lamps not included
Recommended lamps:

Quantum HO T5 6500K Blue (Item BLB021)
Quantum HO T5 2900K Red (Item BLB023)


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