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MCX Mini Climate Control System

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Autonomous | Easy to Use | Accurate & Reliable

Precision Digital Sensors

Data Logging & On-Board Graphing

Tough, Reliable Relay
GrowControlTM MCX mini climate controllers combine a SXE environment sensor/controller with a single intelligent relay module to form a simple, autonomous environmental controller for basic applications.

Sense and control temperature, humidity and CO2 with day and night set points. Relays can be programmed for a specific sensor-based control, 24-hour timer and/or cycle timer. A light sensor on the top of the SXE controller detects day or night from ambient light levels. Precision sensors and rugged relays offer reliable and accurate control of environments large and small in an economical, easy to use package. Built on a decade of proven technology and components with new, enhanced capabilities to meet the growing demand for reliable environmental control applications.

The controller’s built-in color display provides an interface for monitoring the sensor readings and configuring the control settings. Also includes features such as:

High/low history
Graphical history
Alarm set points with Buzzer
Sensor calibration
Air Temperature
-20 – 60°C
Relative Humidity
0-99% RH (80% operating)
Light (Irradiance)
0-1000 Watts/m2
Carbon Dioxide (optional)
0-10,000 ppm
Relay Models

MCX1: Single Outlet RX1

MCX4: Four Outlet RX4

MCX8: Eight Dry-Contact RD8

Note: only one relay module can be connected to the SXE controller; for additional relays the GCX control system is required.


Heating & Cooling

Humidification & Dehumidification

CO2 Inject & Exhaust/Alarm

24-Hour Timers & Repeat Cycle Timers

Day & Night Set-Points w/Light Sensor

Visual & Audible Alarms

High-Temperature Lights Shutdown

CO2 ppm Sensor
Upgrade the MCX system to include a CO2 ppm sensor module to monitor and control CO2.


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