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Green Pad Jr CO2 Generator (10 Pads)

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Green Pad Jr CO2 Generator Description

The Green Pad Jr CO2 Generator is the only CO2 generator designed specifically for seedlings and clones. By absorbing humidity in your propagation dome, the Green Pad Jr releases CO2 to accelerate the natural rooting process for cuttings and seedlings. This gives your clones healthier roots and more nodes allowing you to move to vegetation sooner, speeding up your time to market.

Green Pad Jr CO2 Generator Features

  • Includes 10 pads
  • Yields higher strike rates
  • Decreases rooting time
  • Decreases leaf yellowing
  • Made in the USA

    “When I saw my CO2 PPM meter reading 1000 parts per million in only 30 minutes I KNEW MY CLONES WOULD FLOURISH, and I was RIGHT!”

    – Steve N. San Diego, CA

    Green Pad Jr CO2 Generator Instructions

    Every other day, place a single Green Pad Jr CO2 Generator pad into your propagation dome until your plant has rooted or you’ve removed the dome. By resealing the package, any unused pads will remain fresh and ready to use whenever needed.

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