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CO2 Generator NG 22,136 BTU 21.6 CU/FT Hr.

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Elevated atmospheric CO2 levels show remarkable increases in plant growth productivity, and creating these elevated levels in your grow room is simply the easiest way to accelerate plant growth. Autopilot CO2 generators provide and maintain the carbon dioxide levels needed to meet maximum growing potential, and operate for only pennies a day.

These highly reliable CO2 generators feature powder-coated steel enclosures that resist moisture, rust and discoloration, providing years of trouble-free operation. They are very safe and easy to operate. The built-in solid-state electronic ignition module creates a spark to light the burners. The units are also equipped with a safety tip over feature that shuts off the gas source if the unit is tipped or falls over. Autopilot generators are available in both propane and natural gas models, along with high-altitude versions in all sizes.

All models are equipped with:
Precision manufactured brass burners
Solid-state electronic ignition module—no pilot light necessary
TIP OVER switch shuts off gas source if the unit falls or tips over
SHUT DOWN warning with LED error indicator lights
The tip shutoff switch engages at an angle of 30° +/-5°. Disengages, allowing, the unit to turn back on when the unit is returned to ≤ 10° angle.

Three sizes available—4-burner, 8-burner, and 10-burner (adjustable: 2-, 5-, 7-, or 10-burner option)

4-Burner: Spaces 14′ x 14′ and smaller
8-Burner: Spaces 28′ x 28′ and smaller
10-Burner: Spaces 35′ x 35′ and smaller

Autopilot CO2 generators are perfectly paired with our line of Autopilot environmental controllers.

NOTE: These generators require unrestricted airflow through the bottom and must be mounted by hanging/suspending.


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