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Climate I/O

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Industrial automation controller with an intuitive interface connecting up to 100 indoor environmental sensors, featuring temperature, humidity, ambient light and CO2 (ppm). Hang above plant canopies in greenhouses and indoor agriculture facilities to monitor and log indoor atmospheric conditions. Calculation of Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) provided for individual sensors throughout the operation as an indicator of plant health.

io grow room control system
Product Features
Designed to monitor up to 8 sensors with a simple connection from the Climate I/O controller to the USB AgrowLink™ & onto the GrowNet™ 8-Port Hub. Simply expand the layout by daisy-chaining the hubs. Add additional sensors or other devices, such as relays, pumps, and etc.
Create individual cards for each device to measure the various microclimates of an operation. Set user-defined alerts to mitigate risk.

What’s Included:

1 Opto22 RIO Industrial Controller plus Microclimates software
1 USB AgrowLink™
1 GrowNet™ 8 Port Hub
1 Indoor Environment Sensors
Temperature, relative humidity, light (irradiance), CO2


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