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Bluelab® Guardian Monitor In-Line Connect

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Threaded probe heads allow for simple installation direct into an irrigation line for effective in-line measurements. Suitable for use before or after mechanical injectors. Both conductivity and pH probes can screw directly into female 1” NPT pipe fittings using the included adapter. Teamed with the Bluelab® Connect™ Stick, you get all the convenience of wireless data logging and remote alerts. Features: • pH and EC in-line threaded probes to fit into in-line plumbing • Remote viewing with Bluelab® Connect™ Software and Apps • Replaceable double junction high pressure pH probe included • Bright, plant-safe green LED with adjustable brightness • Easy to navigate menu to program & adjust settings • Selectable conductivity and temperature scales • Simple push button pH calibration • No calibration required for conductivity and temperature (factory calibrated) • Flashing high and low alarms (non-audible) • Built with greater tolerance to RF / electronic interference • International power supply


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