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Active Aqua Chiller, 1/4 HP Boost

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Active Aqua Chiller 1/4 HP Description

The Active Aqua Chiller 1/4 HP is the ideal water chiller for keeping the nutrient solution in your reservoir at the perfect temperature. These environmentally-friendly chillers use R134a refrigerant, a standard in air conditioning systems . Each chiller comes with a user-friendly temperature system that allows you to control your desired temperature range as needed.

All chiller models now now come with a BOOST function hat quickens the chilling process for rapid setting of your initial nutrient solution temperature.

Active Aqua Chiller Features

  • Ideal for hydroponic systems that require quick and efficient chilling
  • Large refrigeration capacity (recommended volume: 40 gal to 92 gal )
  • Anti-corrosive pure titanium evaporator for both fresh and salt water
  • Rate of flow: 1/4 HP (396‒925 gal/h -1500‒3500 L/h)
  • Rated BTU per hour: 3,010
  • PSI Rating of 10 psi maximum
  • Recommended pumps: AAPW400 or AAPW550 or AAPW800
  • 1/2″and 3/4″ fittings included
  • Unit dimensions: 18″L x 13″W x 17″H
  • For cooling capability, please refer to performance chart found in the product information tab
  • Not rated for central/house plumbing

Please note that the starting ambient temperature of your solution will always affect the duration of the initial chilling process.

Active Aqua Chiller Specifications

Shipping Weight 49.10 lbs.
Package Dimensions 20.67L x 17.91W x 20.47H
Frequency: 60
Rated Amperage: 4.7 A
Rated BTU per hour: 3010
Rated Wattage: 460 W
Weight (Unboxed): 41.00
Width (Unboxed): 13.00
Length (Unboxed): 18.20
Height (Unboxed): 17.30
Voltage: 120 V
Wire Gauge (AWG): 18AWG/3 CORE
638104022972 (UPC-A)

Active Aqua Chiller Downloads

Active Aqua Chiller w/ Boost – 1/4 Horse Power – User Manual

Active Aqua Chiller Video

About Active Aqua (Company Information)

Active Aqua products come from the Hydrofarm family of products.. With GroAdvisor and Active Aqua, you can find everything from full-cycle hydroponic systems and powerful water chillers, to various pots, parts and accessories.

Active Aqua systems are most commonly used to build a solid foundation from the ground up with a large range of hydroponic reservoirs and flood tables. Active Aqua trays are built extra deep (and in shallow Low Rise versions also) and from strong material that can support all media types, nutrient solutions and water. With their sloped channel design, Active Aqua trays enable fast drainage and fight the negative effects of standing water.

Active Aqua chillers are available in 1/10 HP, ¼ HP, ½ HP and 1 HP sizes. These chillers also come with digital temperature memory systems that will protect you from interruptions in your power source.

Boost growth and keep your reservoir oxygenated with Active Aqua air pumps and commercial air pumps, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. All Active Aqua air pumps are high-pressure, oil-free, and environmentally safe, and consume low power as they work. Enjoy steady airflow output without the noise due to the super-silent multi-level mufflers built into the Active Aqua air pumps. The Active Aqua commercial air pumps have electro-magnetic air compressors and are housed in high-quality aluminum alloy cases and are high pressure and high output.


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