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Harvesting Services

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In addition to consulting on propagation methods, farming styles, planting techniques and densities, our GroAdvisors can help you get the most from your harvest with a range of post-cultivation services. From harvesting, to drying and curing, to extraction services and product development, we’ll make sure your products get to market efficiently and with impact.

“Working with GroAdvisor was a no brainer! We’re yielding more returns with less space and improved ergonomics. The Dharma team was able to fast-track our expansion with double the growing area and improved working conditions using an outstanding grow room design and equipment that’s energy efficient and evenly distributes CO2 over the canopy."

Shanna C. Berry

Founder & CEO, Dharma Pharmaceuticals

What Commercial Cultivators Get With GroAdvisor

A Deep Bench of Post-Cultivation Expertise

Value-Engineered Post-Cultivation Solutions

Future-Proofing for Your Business

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Harvesting Services

Maximize Your Harvest with Efficiency

Our GroAdvisors can help recommend cultivation and harvesting methodologies. We can perform a cost-benefit analysis of hand harvest versus various levels of machine automation and will help you select the best equipment for your needs.

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Drying and Curing

Preserve Terpene and Cannabinoid Content

Get the best possible outcome for your plant-based products. Our GroAdvisors will help you select equipment specific to your desired end-use that will effectively dry and cure cannabinoid-rich cannabis, hemp, and industrial hemp biomass. We will supply recommendations for minimum viable operations, the largest impact, and ROI-optimization.

We also offer deep discounts on a wide variety of palate racking, super sacks and milling equipment for your pre- and post-drying and curing processes.Our team has many years of experience designing value-engineered cultivation facilities with fully-integrated technologies. We will set you up with a grow room design that supports perpetual harvests, allows for scalability, and is safe and secure.

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Extraction Services

Gear Up for High-Impact Extraction

Develop expert extraction methodologies using value-engineered equipment and compliant environments. Extraction methodologies are typically driven by budget and the desired final formulations. Our GroAdvisors will help navigate your constraints, evaluate solutions, and the explore the effects on your ROI and competitive advantage.

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Product Development

Formulate Niche Product Offerings

The experts at GroAdvisor can help you create custom formulations for your processed and industrial products. We’ll work with you to determine the best equipment and methodologies to utilize in order to help you achieve new product designs quickly, efficiently and within budget.

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