Why Porta-King?

Traditional construction methods are costly and time-consuming. Our modular construction provides a better solution.

The speed in which construction can be completed ensures you are in production faster than would be possible with any conventional method of construction. Typically, 50% faster than what you can expect with traditional construction.

Every system is custom designed with precut wall panels and framing material that arrive ready for immediate installation.
Detailed approval drawings are generated for each order to ensure the layout design meets your expectations.

Integrated components like doors, windows and electrical raceways can also be used for quick and affordable build out of other areas such as offices, conference rooms, restrooms, cafeterias and more.

We offer a variety of wall and ceiling system design options to address a broad range of application requirements.
Our systems offer cost savings for both new and retrofit construction projects.

All systems include the following design features:

Mold and insect resistant wall panel construction

High light reflective surfaces can include:

  • Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP)
  • White painted Steel
  • PVC or HPL

All our wall systems offer great insulating values to help control energy costs.

With knowledgeable representatives across the country and over 50 years of experience in the industry, we’re available to make sure your installation goes smoothly.

Our regional offices throughout the United States provide product review, design assistance, and installation support on-site. The speed at which we can build and install a custom-designed solution for your business just can’t be beat.

Other Porta-King prefabricated construction solutions for the Cannabis industry include:

Fully assembled guard buildings for main entrance and perimeter security.

Vestibules and mantraps to create secured entry points for new and existing facilities doors.

Structural steel platforms and towers to improve POV for security personnel at outdoor grow operations.

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Porta-King Versa-King prefabricated components eliminate on-site fabrication to speed the installation process and dramatically reduce dust and debris associated with conventional drywall construction