Synapse Wireless

Illuminate expands SimplySNAP Lighting controls from a single site to a cloud-based solution capable of controlling up to 10,000 lights across multiple sites. Facility and Operations Managers can easily change configuration settings, create new schedules, adjust sensor behaviors, and control all their lights from a single management portal.


  • Centralized management
  • AES encryption
  • Cloud-hosted environment
  • Consolidate existing smart systems
  • System-wide settings control
  • View multiple, existing lighting control systems in one interface
  • Use Scenes, Zones, Schedules and other features system-wide

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Artesyn iHP

Designed for a wide range of medical and industrial applications, Artesyn’s iHP configurable intelligent power system provides accuracy, resolution and stability as either a programmable voltage or current source. It provides up to 24 kW in 3 kW increments and can be configured for up to 8 outputs using a wide variety of plug-in modules that address a large range of voltages and currents.

Safety approvals secured by Artesyn eliminate the need for an isolation transformer in medical equipment. The iHP power system also has industrial safety approvals, including compliance to the SEMI F47 standard for semiconductor processing equipment.

The iHP power system offers developers either an analog or digital interface to their system supporting standard communications protocols, while a software graphical user interface (GUI) allows for easy configuration.

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