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Commercial LED Grow Lights

Choose the right commercial LED grow light by selecting from our range of options to fit any cultivation requirement.

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Grow Your Bottom-Line with Our LED Grow Light Options.

Higher yields, lower costs, and a more profitable cultivation business are all made possible with the right LED. Though, effective lighting is not a one-size-fits all solution. Our GroAdvisors are experts in commercial LED grow lighting and can consult on your project, run deeply analytical light plans, and guide you towards the best lighting solution for your needs.

How it works?

Beyond securing the best prices on commercial grow lights, our advisors are available to offer complete facility optimization reports, a-la-carte consulting, and other services at the industry’s best rotes. Manufacturers will always sell you on why they have the best option for you, but our advisors take an independent 3rd-party approach to getting you the most growth for your buck. Speak with an advisor, pick a plan later. Schedule your free introductory consultation today

Basic Packed

Best for established growers who know what they won’t, and need discounted prices on equipment and supplies fast

Optimize packed

Best for growers who want maximum performance. Our advisors will generate a custom facility report for you and help select the best equipment, all for a small deposit applied to your future purchase

Optimize packed

Best for new facilities and retrofits that require a dedicated consultant to get up and running fast and efficiently.

Save on thousands of trusted horticulture equipment and supply brands

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work with

Greenhouse Lighting

Multiple brands and models available.

High Efficacy

For lower energy costs

Vertical Lighting

Highly efficient for every growth stage

Passively Cooled

Robust performance that lasts

Spectrum Options

Multiple broad spectrums available

Long Lifetime

Never change a bulb again

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