Chicago, IL, April 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)

GroAdvisor ( is the cultivation industry’s premier partnership of product and service providers. Together, these partners can provide fully optimized cultivation methods that have been proven to create a quality crop quickly and efficiently; or, work with your existing cultivation team to optimize their system BEFORE encountering the “growing pains” that are common in this industry.

Porta-King Building Systems is excited announce our new association with the members of GroAdvisor. We see tremendous value in teaming with these other experts from the indoor grow industry. We believe this approach gives us a huge advantage as we can now offer cultivators a superior approach to creating the optimal grow environment as well as a complete build out of the entire indoor grow facility.  GroAdvisor’s partners are leaders in meeting the needs of commercial cultivators. Since 2004, in aggregate, they have been involved with more than 1000 cannabis facilities. These partners include:

Agrowtek Inc. is a premier automation controls manufacturer for the discerning horticulturalist. Agrowtek’s comprehensive line of products includes climate and fertigation controls systems, precision digital sensors for atmosphere and water, relays and motor controllers for equipment control, and peristaltic dosing pumps for automated nutrient and pH dosing. With over 10 years in growing controls, Agrowtek continues to innovate and provide powerful and flexible control capabilities.

CleanLeaf is a division of Air Cleaning Specialists. Their filtration systems are designed to provide grow rooms, greenhouses and other growing facilities with the highest standard of air filtration possible. Their team has more than 30 years of experience in the air cleaning industry and they are driven to continually improve air quality across a diverse mix of industries. CleanLeaf has customized fume, dust, smoke, and odor extraction systems since 1979. They’re experts in developing efficient air patterns to control, capture, prevent, and clean.

Innovative Growers Equipment, Inc. specializes in building and designing grow facilities all over the world. That includes custom Ebb and Flow greenhouse benches, matching expanded metal benches, archival racks for vertical cultivation applications, custom equipment and other complimentary equipment to growers of quality plants throughout the world.

Porta-King Building Systems is an industry leader in prefabricated construction since 1969 with 150,000 square feet of U.S. manufacturing and 10 U.S. regional offices. Traditional construction methods are costly and time-consuming. Their modular construction provides a better solution.  The speed in which construction can be completed ensures time to production is typically 50% faster than conventional methods of construction. Other Porta-King prefabricated construction solutions for the Cannabis industry include:

  • Fully assembled guard buildings for main entrance and perimeter security.
  • Vestibules and mantraps to create secured entry points for new and existing facilities doors.
  • Structural steel platforms and towers to improve POV for security personnel at outdoor grow operations.

Sprung Structures provides the ideal growing environment enabling customers to control light, ventilation, temperature, humidity and water within an air-tight and thermally insulated building envelope.

Surna Inc. has been designing, engineering and manufacturing application-specific environmental control and air sanitation systems for commercial, state- and provincial-regulated indoor cannabis cultivation facilities in the U.S. and Canada since 2006. Their engineering and technical team provides energy and water efficient solutions that allow growers to meet the unique demands of a cannabis cultivation environment through precise temperature, humidity, light, and process controls and to satisfy the evolving code and regulatory requirements being imposed at the state, provincial and local level.

VividGro® offers a complete suite of controllable horticultural lighting solutions to address our customers’ needs. Over the past 5 years, VividGro has sold controlled environment agricultural lighting covering in excess of 1 million square feet of plant canopy. From propagation to harvest, VividGro can provide the right spectra any grower requires.

Proper planning with the GroAdvisor team of experts can eliminate costly failures before they happen.