Starting a greenhouse business can be exciting, assuming you’re working with a quality greenhouse contractor. We know that you just want the job done right so you can get growing. But before you get started, it’s best to take some time to make sure your contractors are up to snuff.

So here are six tips and recommendations on the topic: selecting a greenhouse contractor.

For the sake of your business, your profitability, and your sanity, you might want to contact an advisory firm to help.


How to Choose a Greenhouse Contractor


1.  Research Your Greenhouse Contractor

Doing your due diligence and researching your greenhouse contractor is a must. Taking on a large-scale or commercial greenhouse requires absolute trust in the team you bring in to get the job done. After you’ve found a potential greenhouse contractor, gather any reviews you can from clients, and verify their expertise to ensure they can recreate that success for you.

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2.  Licenses and insurance

With any large-scale building project, it’s important that your contractor has the proper licenses to build in the location of your facility. This is especially important for your timeline so legal holdups with your building don’t push back your start date to start growing. Each town will generally have its own building department where your contractor can get the proper licenses. When checking for licenses also ask your contractor for proof of insurance before they start working.


3.  Greenhouse expertise

Not only should your greenhouse contractor have proper licenses and insurance, but proper experience as well. By looking at your project managers’ or consultants’ previous work, you can glean some insight into how they are as professionals. If they don’t have obvious expertise, they may not be able to handle your project. Always ask your greenhouse contractor detailed questions to validate their knowledge of horticulture buildings.

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Quick Tips For Working with a Greenhouse Contractor


Establish good communication

Good greenhouse contractors are professionals in their field and appreciate organized and thoughtful communication just like any other professional. Let your contractor know early on your communication preferences and align your expectations with theirs. When you come to and understanding on how you’ll communicate, you’ll avoid any necessary hang-ups that stem from poor communication.


Track all changes

Complex greenhouse projects may change in their priorities and scope, and that’s ok! A good partner can be nimble when helping you to accomplish your goals, just make sure that you document everything in writing and make sure that any changes in your scope are signed off on.


Be a good customer

This goes for general contractors, greenhouse consultants, or any service providers you work with. The quicker you follow up with your greenhouse partners, the smoother your project will go. This means prompt follow ups, payments, and coordination will inspire your greenhouse crew to enjoy working with you and get you growing faster, which is your goal here after all!