General Inquiries

Who is GroAdvisor?

GroAdvisor is a cultivation systems integrator and service provider for the controlled environment agriculture industry. Our team of advisors has many years of experience designing value-engineered cultivation facilities using fully-integrated technologies. We will help you navigate cultivation challenges giving your business a distinct advantage.

What can GroAdvisor do for me?

Whether you’re brand new to the industry or expanding your current operations, GroAdvisor can help you every step of the way. We can help design your facility, source and sell you the best technologies at the low wholesale prices for your specific operations, and can support you with a range of consulting services to ensure your success.

Where is GroAdvisor located?

Our headquarters is in Sycamore Illinois, but we have sales offices in Colorado, Illinois, Northern California as well as well as other support offices in Rhode Island and Florida.

What products does GroAdvisor offer?

We are an agricultural technologies company that provides individual or turnkey solutions from Lighting, Racks and Benches, HVAC, Controls, Air Filtration, Dehumidification, Fertigation, Modular Walls and Greenhouse and Indoor Building Structures. Through our premier partnerships with the leaders in each industry, we are your end-to-end partner to provide all of your agricultural needs.

Why not contact a partner company directly?

Our team of seasoned industry experts will help outfit you with the right components and additional services at the best prices. Cultivation facilities should be set up to your specific needs, not based on the technology available by a single supplier. In many cases, a single partner may not have effective solutions for all of your use cases, in which case GroAdvisor will always supply the best solution for you.

Who are the experts behind GroAdvisor?

The GroAdvisor Team has many years of collective expertise in designing and building agricultural infrastructure for cannabis, hemp, and a wide variety of other crops. We’ve designed and built hundreds of grows all over North America and abroad. We’ve also designed and built both large and small grow facilities for clients using our collective expertise and significant buying power.

How can I save money going with GroAdvisor?

GroAdvisor has significant purchasing power with our partners due to the large volume of business we do. We’re able to pass those savings to our clients – allowing them to stay within budget. In addition to this, our proven, value-engineered components and methods can help you save money on your project. Ask us how!

Where are your products manufactured?

We have a large number of our suppliers that manufacture in the United States with a few that are international.

What is value-engineering?

Value-engineering is the process of selecting components and designs which provide our clients with the best value – ensuring that you can stay on budget while still achieving cultivation success. At GroAdvisor, we take value-engineering seriously and we strive to save our clients’ money through design considerations and competitive component sourcing using our significant buying power.

I need a facility design, can GroAdvisor help?

Yes! Whether you’ve got an existing building you’re looking to retrofit or raw land you’re looking to break ground on, GroAdvisor can help design your facility. Initially, we will conduct a ‘needs assessment’ to determine your overall project scope. We will then design your floorplan to help maximize your yield and minimize potential crop loss – all while remaining sensitive to workflow and efficiency to help our clients save both time and money. Along with your floorplan, we will provide you with component pricing and specs to allow you to make educated decisions about the best components to spec for your project.

I've already designed my facility, how can GroAdvisor help?

GroAdvisor can review your designs and provide you with competitive quotes on every component your facility will need, allowing you to maximize your budget. Our team of experts will help you source the most appropriate solutions for your project using our collective expertise.

What industries does GroAdvisor serve?

GroAdvisor has many years of experience growing a wide variety of crops and can help source the best components for your specific crop – ensuring that you are maximizing your yields and efficiencies. We’ve worked with both small farms and large nationally recognized conglomerates throughout the USA. From greenhouse, to indoor and vertical, GroAdvisor can help with your project regardless of crop type.

I'm new to the industry and need help with my project. How can GroAdvisor help?

GroAdvisor can assist you through every step of the way. We’ll start with designing your facility based on both your budget and scheduling constraints. From there, we’ll help you source the best components for your build. We’ll then refer you to our national network of Architects, Engineers, and General Contractors to help you build your project.

I need help designing my extraction lab. How can GroAdvisor help?

The GroAdvisor team has many years of experience designing and building fully compliant Class 1 Division 1 (C1D1) labs throughout the USA and abroad. We ensure your designs meet the most stringent specifications from the NFPA – allowing you a significant speed to market advantage. We can even help outfit you with the best extraction and post-processing technologies through our channel partners.

Customer Service & Technical Support

Who do I contact if I have questions or an issue with my order?

You can contact our Customer Success team via the below e-mail and one of our team will assist you and make sure you have the appropriate information or specific related contact. customersuccess@groadvisorworldwide.com

Does GroAdvisor directly handle warranty claims from Partners?

Technically no, but our Customer Success team will act as a liaison to ensure that you are in contact with the appropriate person from the partner and that you are taken care of completely to resolve your concerns. customersuccess@groadvisorworldwide.com

What if I have Technical questions about my order after it is received?

You can contact our Customer Success team and they will:

  1. Provide the information requested if they have it.
  2. Obtain the information from the appropriate person and pass the information to you.
  3. Or put you in direct contact with the appropriate person to provide you will the requested information.
I received my order and find that I need assistance with assembling or setting up the order, can GroAdvisor provide assistance?

Yes, if you contact one of our Customer Success team, they will get the information on what is needed to support your request and will relay the information to the appropriate person to get a quote for the installation or commissioning services to you.

How can I check the status of my order?

Once your order has been placed, your assigned Customer Success team member will be providing you with updates.  You can reach out to them directly with any questions at any time.

Can I expedite my order after it has already been placed?

If the need arises for expediting of an order, please reach out to your Customer Success team member and provide them with the information.  They will then be able to reach out to the Supply Chain and Production teams (at all relating vendors) and determine what type of expediting services may be available and what the charges might be.

When will I receive an invoice for my order?

Once your order is complete and has shipped, you will receive notification which will include a Packing list, Tracking information on the shipment and your final invoice.

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