Best-Practices for Grow Room Design

Top 8 Strategic Insights for Planning Your Next Grow Room Design

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The rise of legalization, advancements in technology, and the merging of traditional
horticulture industries with cannabis has led to a new standard for what it takes to build and operate a successful cannabis cultivation business.

If today’s cannabis business owners want their grow room to succeed in the long-term, they need to adapt, quickly.

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In the past, cannabis cultivators became too comfortable with
high prices and exploding demand for their product. This has caused cannabis
businesses to look outwards more than they look inwards, and has many teams
now asking the question: How will I continue to thrive?

Grow room design and technology

Define Your Business Plan

What is your target market? Are you looking to grow for the mass consumer market, or are you trying to establish yourself as a craft cultivator?

Determine Your Growth Methods

Will you be growing a sea of green? Will you use living soil or grow aeroponically? Your growth methodology will inform your grow room design.

Protect Your Plants & Business

How will you reduce the probability of losing crops to mold or insects? How will you secure your facility from theft of your crops and business?

Best Practice Grow Room Setup

Environmental Controls

Maintain perfect growth conditions

LED vs. HPS Grow Lights

A crucial choice to maximize profits

Plan for Facility Expansion

Design your grow with the future in mind

Control Systems & Labor

Consider the true cost of your operations

Evaluate Grow Methods

Maximize grow room efficiency

Choose Tiers, Racks or Benches

Make the most of your square footage

“After 14 years in the cannabis industry, we finally see a group being able to offer an end-to-end solution for cultivation facilities. From licensing, to design, to facility operation, GroAdvisor’s depth of knowledge and experience is unmatched.“

Jon Kozlowski

Vice President of Sales, Surna

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