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Cannabis Production

Hemp Production

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Become the Master of Your Garden

Grow with confidence.

Successful crops require detailed attention to every aspect. Our network of agronomists and specialized consultants will help you minimize potential crop loss and guide you towards higher yields and healthier plants.

“Working with GroAdvisor was a no brainer! We’re yielding more returns with less space and improved ergonomics. The Dharma team was able to fast-track our expansion with double the growing area and improved working conditions using an outstanding grow room design and equipment that’s energy efficient and evenly distributes CO2 over the canopy."

Shanna C. Berry

Founder & CEO, Dharma Pharmaceuticals

What Commercial Cultivators Get With GroAdvisor

Access to our network of agronomists and specialists

Project-based or full-time crop consulting services

One point of contact focused on due diligence for your grow

vertical cannabis farmer

Project-based Consulting

Get Expert Guidance on Your Schedule

Save yourself time and hassle by working with a crop specialist. We’ll custom design a crop consulting service program to your needs. Even the best growers need a helping hand. Take the guesswork out of cultivation and start working with a GroAdvisor today.

crop consultant

Specialized Crop Services

Services as Flexible as Your Needs

Protected cropping for food, medicine, and industrial purposes encompasses a vast range of specialties. Whether you’re dealing with a crop health issue or seeking to improve or expand, our specialized GroAdvisors can help with everything from soil, irrigation, IPM, and more.


Full-Time Employees

Hire a GroAdvisor for Your Team

Build out your workforce to support your extensive cultivation plans. We offer full-time placements through our network, based on availability. Once you’ve built the best and are ready to grow the best, it’s time to hire the best.

Our Partners are leaders in cultivation

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