Innovation in Control since 2007

Agrowtek Inc. is a premier automation controls manufacturer for the the discerning horticulturalist. Agrowtek’s comprehensive line of products includes climate and fertigation controls systems, precision digital sensors for atmosphere and water, relays and motor controllers for equipment control, and peristaltic dosing pumps for automated nutrient and pH dosing. With over 10 years in growing controls, Agrowtek continues to innovate and provide powerful and flexible control capabilities.

BDX BatchMatic Fertigation System

GrowControl™ BDX Batch Dosing & Fertigation System is a nutrient mixing and irrigation system for pre-mixing and dispensing to plants, hydroponic systems or holding tanks. Control and schedule 5/6 zones and add up to 8 more zones with an 8-valve expansion panel for a total of 14 valves with unique recipes. Available with 5 or 10 persitaltic dosing pumps for mixing multi-part fertilizer solutions on the fly according to fertilizer ratio recipies and EC/pH/ORP targets. Available with redundant sensors for enhanced error detection and backup operation. Alarms and automatic shut down functions standard. System includes a recirculating/irrigation pump with outlet control relay and SXL liquid sensors for detecting high and low levels in the mixing tank. Available with VBT series compact vertical batch tanks 55-135gal, or use any mixing tank up to 300 gallons. Made in USA.

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