GroAdvisor is the indoor agriculture industry’s first curated network of product and service providers. Its carefully vetted, integrated partners together increase growers’ efficiency, decrease costs, and lend operational expertise to organizations from fledgling start-ups to established enterprises.

Seasoned indoor agriculture executive David Friedman’s vision for GroAdvisor was born after witnessing businesses pour valuable resources into procurement, endlessly searching for cost-effective, impactful products and partnerships. With GroAdvisor’s optimized supply chain, efficiency-obsessed Friedman aims to eliminate the pain points that pervade indoor agriculture businesses and instead enable clients to focus on innovation and growth.

Indoor growers will reap material benefits from the consortium of GroAdvisor partners. GroAdvisor clients will immediately enjoy the network’s ability to reduce costs, increase productivity and address maintenance issues – throughout the entire lifecycle of an engagement.

GroAdvisor VP of Sales and Marketing Randy Shipley explains, “We anticipate client demand will rapidly expand the service and product offerings within the GroAdvisor partner network. However, we continue to keep our focus on what makes GroAdvisor valuable – the assurance that each partner is highly-specialized and best-in-class.”

Not only will GroAdvisor clients benefit from the efficiencies and interoperability of the network, they will also have a unique perspective on the industry via the network’s leadership position.

GroAdvisor’s inaugural network partners include:

  • Agrowtek Inc., a premier automation controls manufacturer for the discerning horticulturalist. Its comprehensive line of products includes climate and fertigation controls systems, precision digital sensors for atmosphere and water, relays and motor controllers for equipment control, and peristaltic dosing pumps for automated nutrient and pH dosing.
  • GroNet™, an agricultural solution that enables the indoor farming community to optimize crop yields and profitability. The company’s low-cost, end-to-end platform incorporates features that span the range of sensing, monitoring, alerting, and automating (SMAA).
  • Innovative Growers Equipment, Inc., a specialist in building custom Ebb & Flow greenhouse benches, matching expanded metal benches, and providing complementary equipment to growers of quality plants throughout North America. All benches are made-to-order to fit our customers’ precise needs.
  • MainStem, a digital, unified marketplace for legal cannabis-based businesses of all sizes. The platform fulfills specific supply requirements, streamlines the purchasing process, and its product offerings are constantly expanding.
  • Manufacturing Supply Chain Services Inc., a contract manufacturing firm dedicated to providing customers with high quality workmanship and a partnership mentality.
  • PayQwick enables cash-intensive businesses to conduct traditional payment processing, banking services and regulatory compliance, making it safer and easier to do business. PayQwick serves state licensed manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers.
  • VividGro®, a leader in technology-based products that empowers growers to create more efficient growing environments.VividGro’s goal is to develop and deliver technological solutions to market to reduce the cost of crop production to the most efficient levels possible.


GroAdvisor will make its debut at MJBiz Conference at the Las Vegas Convention Center from December 11-13.